Coaching or Mentoring – what’s the difference…and why it matters.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Beatles. Nothing personal, they were an undoubtedly talented bunch, they just don’t do it for me musically. Oh, and by the way, Beatles vs. Stones? Definitely Stones, I like a drop of bitter! However, as an introduction to the relative benefits of coaching and mentoring, the lyrics

Why ditching priorities must be your priority.

Do you recall those halcyon days in business when you only needed to concentrate on one thing at a time? When the tasks lined up one by one like respectful dominos, waiting patiently for your attention? The days when customers didn’t demand, they politely enquired? And when you could cheerfully put off tomorrow’s decisions until

Why not just use your imagination?

“Logic will take you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere” – Einstein. I’ve got to admit I’ve never been a fan of the Beatles. It’s probably a combination of being born around 10 years too late and, a bit like my dad, tending to stubbornly go for stuff that few others appreciate

Isn’t it time to ask the killer question?

Graffiti daubed on a toilet wall… (not in Harrods, obviously): “Why are we here? Why is space infinite? Why are we doomed? Why are you reading my bloody slogan?”… From almost the moment we’re born we have a natural desire to ask questions. This is particularly true when we’re children. Indeed, one survey discovered that

Who is the Guy in your Glass?

Some years ago I came across a poem, written by an American, Dale Wimbrow. It’s called ‘The Guy in the Glass’. With apologies that this is written solely in the masculine tense (it was created in 1934, the same year as my dad, who also generally views the world solely through the masculine tense), It

There really is no time like the present!

I’ve never thought of myself as being overly competitive; well, apart from Monopoly, of course, and Scrabble, and, obviously, Snap… and Happy Families, and maybe pool. But apart from the aforementioned, hardly competitive at all. All that changed, however, when I was invited to go (Go) Karting on my future son-in-laws stag weekend. Now, I