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Why Procrastinating can be just fine and dandy…

Advice, who wants it? It’s currently going cheap. Why? There’s tons of it, that’s why. It’s coming out of our ears. It’s everywhere, magazines, billboards, TV and, of course, social media is brim-full, absolutely stuffed with it. My “favourite” article recently on LinkedIn was the one which suggested that getting 16 minutes less sleep than
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Hey entrepreneur, are you for real?

Perhaps it’s an age thing, but in a world where sometimes nothing seems for real, I’m often inclined to view modern day life through the eyes of my long-deceased grandparents. Like the rest of their generation, brought up in a world of hardship and deprivation, they prided themselves on being ordinary folk, ‘down to earth’,

Oh, No, here comes another Business Coach!

One of my earliest comedy heroes was a lovely man from Barnsley who, sadly, most people under 50 won’t have heard of. His name was Harry Worth. A warm, jovial character, he starred in his own sit-com through the late 60s and early 70s. At the beginning of each episode, Harry would appear at the

Fancy Doing Things a Little Different in 2018? Here’s How…

OK, first things first (Effective Habit No.3, thanks Stephen Covey). For those of you who are short of time or simply like to cut to the chase, I’ve split this blog into two halves. The first bit is the helpful, relevant stuff. The second bit may or may not be helpful or relevant, so please

Why Fun is Essential for Serious Leadership

I came across my junior school report book recently, perfectly preserved in a pile of assorted memorabilia from the last century. Whichever way you read it, even through the rosy glow of nostalgia, most of it makes pretty grim reading. Take this quote from my teacher, Miss Pearson, dated 4th Feb 1971. “Adrian thrives on

Leaders – just be yourself (everyone else is taken!)

I was chatting to a former colleague the other day about the leaders we’d worked for in the past. When I look back over my long career, I know I was very lucky in working for and alongside some of the very best leaders, who unfailingly were able to get the very best from me.