We’re Lisa and Adrian Wales, and we’re the core* LPD Associates. Highly experienced in leadership, innovation and change management, we raise the effectiveness of individuals, teams and leaders while also improving the quality and balance in their lives.

* Occasionally, we call on trusted and qualified colleagues to work with us for larger projects, or where a particular skillset will best match your needs.

A productive and professional partnership

As partners in both life and business, we offer clients our individual or combined strengths, insights and knowledge. Whether working together or separately, we tailor a wealth of creative delivery methods and techniques to match the needs of each individual project. Our firm belief that no-one should have a bad day at work is reflected in the way we work with every client: life and learning should contain a generous helping of fun!

Working in partnership is especially effective on programmes run for large groups: delegates enjoy the greatest benefit and flexibility when working with two people who collaborate seamlessly and whose styles are different yet complementary.


I support, empower and inspire people to succeed.

Following a career in senior leadership roles with the Post Office, I applied my skills to other organisations as a personal and business coach, mentor, facilitator and trainer. For more than 25 years, I’ve loved nurturing achievement and success both in individuals and teams through coaching, learning and development work.

Using practical tools and techniques in various combinations, I support, empower and inspire people to succeed. Clients tell me that they also appreciate my approach and style (and I’m not referring here to the shirts!). They explain that they’re talking about respect, plain-speaking, practicality and empathy, blended with sensitivity to individual needs – and inevitably, a warm Yorkshire humour!

I‘m keenly aware of the demands placed upon people and organisations, and the many challenges they face, and I work with every client – from the individual employee or business owner to the largest corporation – to develop the strategies, attitudes and practices that will see them reach their goals.

Beyond the working day, I enjoy coaching and mentoring young people as a volunteer.

Adrian Wales



I love my work! Leading transformation is a privilege and a pleasure.

In two decades as a leader, change manager and strategist in small, large and multinational businesses and a multi academy trust, I’ve learned that an organisation excels when its people perform well and feel valued and fulfilled. It’s therefore my job to transform mindsets as well as skills.

I strongly believe that improving one’s working performance is founded on self-awareness and an understanding and appreciation of those who think, behave and communicate in ways that differ from our own. A natural (and trained!) performer, enthusiastic and empowering, I help individuals and teams to recognise their strengths and develop the extra awareness and skills they need to be engaged, effective and confident in their roles.

I love my work! Leading transformation is a privilege and a pleasure. I offer you my long experience as a facilitator, trainer, presenter and coach with front-line staff, senior leadership teams, headteachers, principals, and CEOs, delivered with with sincerity, integrity and yes – enjoyment, too!

Outside work, I’m a Governor of a West Yorkshire primary school and enjoy volunteering with the CIPD to mentor and coach young jobseekers.

Lisa Wales