Coaching for business

Most of our business coaching clients are either business owners or leaders.

The challenge

Running a business places huge demands on your time, energy, knowledge and resources – not to mention your family life and free time. And while you’re at top speed on the business treadmill, there seems no opportunity to get off…

How we make a difference

No-one makes their best decisions when they feel overloaded or lack confidence. Our supportive, facilitating coaching gives you the space to think more freely and see your role and your business from very different perspectives. We’ll help you do set goals, and check that you’ve achieved them. In short, we’ll help you leap your hurdles, whatever they may be.

Everyone’s mix of key challenges differs, but they might include topics such as:

  • your vision and values
  • self confidence
  • building strong working relationships
  • facing fears
  • peer pressure
  • impostor syndrome
  • managing time
  • saying ‘No’
  • Where advice and guidance may be appropriate, we can mentor as well as coach.

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