Coaching for educators

Our coaching clients are primarily current or aspiring school leaders.

The challenge

School leadership demands ever more in skill, performance, resilience, motivation, outcomes and a whole lot more. It’s a huge ask. Perhaps it’s time to give yourself some time out for the practical, emotional and strategic support you need? We can help you make the change, allowing you not only to perform at your best but to enjoy every working day!

How we make a difference

We offer 1-1, team or group coaching for school leaders. This skilled and insightful service gives you a safe and confidential environment in which to reflect, evaluate and progress your practice and thinking on issues such as:

  • leadership skills
  • health & wellbeing
  • confidence and self-esteem
  • stress management
  • managing change
  • improving resilience
  • handling difficult conversations
  • impostor syndrome
  • personal performance
  • career development.
  • Where appropriate, we also use the renowned True Colors Personality & Psychometric Profiling system. Relevant and fun, this valuable tool helps you better understand your needs, stresses and values­, and those of your colleagues and teams.


    Your role as a school leader may be inherently challenging, but changing the way you think about and deal with it can be transformational. We’ll help you uncover fresh tools, ideas, strategies, awareness and perspectives that will feed your effectiveness and restore your love for the job you do!


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