Client Testimonial - Bethanie Goodliff

Communications Officer, NCETM

Lisa worked with me on interview preparation as I was looking to change career and hadn’t had an interview for several years. She developed my confidence, talked me through the types of questions I might get and how to frame my answers, and made sure I was ready for elements of the interview which I knew would be unfamiliar to me. Lisa was both knowledgeable and supportive, and had prepared thoroughly for our session, taking the time to look at my CV, letter of application and the job description for the role I was seeking. She worked with me on structuring my responses, addressing areas of my experience I knew were weaker, and helped me find ways to incorporate what I had done in my previous career into responses about the new career I sought. After our session, I felt fully ready for the interview and that I knew exactly what to foreground in order to best show what I could do. As a result of Lisa’s input, I went into the interview feeling fully prepared – and I was offered the job!