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LPDA personal and professional coaching and development.

We want to help transform the quality of your life and the effectiveness of your workplace through LPDA personal and professional coaching and development programmes.

Whether you’re an individual, small or large business, school or academy, we will offer coaching or training tailored to your specific needs, which will enable you, or your organisation, to grow and succeed, in business and in life.

Whatever your need, we promise we will find the approach which works best to help you learn more, perform better and develop positively.



Lisa Dickinson

Adrian Wales


Lisa Dickinson is a dedicated organisation and people development professional with over 20 years’ experience of increasing effectiveness in both the public and private sectors. She focuses particularly on the people management aspects of organisational change, delivering improvements through learning & development interventions, coaching & mentoring and process improvement.

Throughout her career Lisa has held key senior leadership roles including ten years in a blue chip, multinational organisation, where she led cross cultural teams to deliver substantial change programmes that had significant results. Most recently she spent five years on the senior leadership team of a successful multi academy trust managing all aspects of human resources and organisation development, developing strategies which helped to move the school forward.

Lisa strongly believes that self-awareness along with understanding and appreciating those who are different to ourselves is the foundation for achieving higher levels of performance. She naturally fosters an atmosphere of personal growth and empowerment which she uses to support people and teams to make transformational improvements to their performance. By using a variety of tools, including psychometric and personality profiles, learning and development programmes or coaching or mentoring, Lisa helps individuals and teams to understand their strengths and work on their development areas ensuring they are fully engaged and effective in their roles.

Lisa’s wide range of experience as a trainer, presenter, facilitator and coach has helped her develop very strong communication skills. Her varied development solutions are dynamic and achieve results. She has experience of delivering development programmes & coaching to CEO’s, Head Teachers and senior leadership teams, as well as front line staff in all organisations. Her warm, professional personality enables her to quickly develop strong relationships at all levels enabling her to achieve results fast. She exudes motivation & enthusiasm which people enjoy engaging with.

Outside of work Lisa enjoys a variety of hobbies such as ballroom dancing, amateur dramatics and regularly attends keep fit classes. She is currently a Governor of a primary school in West Yorkshire and volunteers with the CIPD to mentor & coach young people looking for their first job.


Adrian Wales is a personal and business coach, mentor, facilitator and trainer with over 25 years’ experience of working effectively with people to help them achieve their goals and objectives. He focuses particularly on the development of individuals and teams, using a variety of practical tools and techniques to ensure that people feel supported, empowered and motivated to succeed.

Adrian’s background is in senior leadership with the Post Office, where his passion for individual and team achievement was utilised in some high profile roles. He is an articulate and compelling public speaker and was used by the Post Office regularly in media interviews, appearing on TV and radio on numerous occasions. However, Adrian’s real flair lies in his ability to help people to be the very best they can be, no matter what they want to achieve in life, or in business.

Adrian’s innate understanding of people enables him to help them solve problems, overcome obstacles and self-doubt, and stay true to their goals. He understands the demands, which are placed on people and businesses and his pragmatic, but empathic approach is designed to help in developing strategies to enable them to achieve their targets. His warm, wry Yorkshire humour is complemented by a serious commitment to ensuring all clients are treated with the utmost respect and care, professionally and courteously, sensitive to the needs of the person or team.

Outside of the “day job” Adrian also works with young people in a voluntary capacity, acting as a coach and mentor. His other interests are wide and varied, from rugby league and ballroom dancing to amateur dramatics and keeping fit.

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