Working with Adrian is not my first experience of coaching. Many years ago, when I was training as a Headteacher on the NPQH Programme, I accessed a coach as part of my course. I have to say that, at the time, I found it the most beneficial part of the course but, now I am working with Adrian, I have found coaching at a whole new level.

As a little bit of background, I am a first-time self-employed hypnotherapist having left the cosy world of working in education in April 2016 and starting my business in September 2016.

It is quite hard to put into words what Adrian actually does during our conversation but it has moved me on leaps on bounds in my business. Before, starting work with Adrian, I was struggling. I wasn’t fully sure what I should be doing each day and, as a result, I was not usually doing useful things and moving my business forward. I felt very passionate about what I could do to help people but was not taking the right actions to get that out to as many people as possible.

I have worked with Adrian on my big goals for the long term and then narrowed that down to a small number of goals and associated actions to be carried out over a 12-week period. Each time we have met, Adrian has helped me to reflect and moved me forward in my thinking. I now have a much clearer vision for my business long term and clear goals and actions for each week. The work I have done with Adrian, really has improved how my business is running, the profit I am making and the chances of its long-term success.

One of the most revolutionary conversations involved me overcoming a long-term writing block. For a long time, I had known that writing blogs and articles would help to build my reputation and expert positioning in my industry but I just could not seem to get started; I kept putting it off. The questioning technique Adrian used helped me to see a way I could make writing work for me and I now write regularly and, most of all, actually enjoy it.

Adrian is an expert at making you accountable but utterly cared for at the same time. His questioning technique is magical. Sometimes a question he asks gives me such an ‘Aha’ moment that it moves me on with a bound. He synchronises his language with yours which for me, has made me feel like he totally gets me (which I am sure he does!).

Overall, Adrian is an amazing coach, who I have no hesitation in recommending. If you would like to move your thinking, your motivation and your business on to a whole new level, then Adrian is your man.

Clare Downham, Clinical Hypnotherapist.

True Colours is one of the best courses I’ve ever attended – fun, interactive, interesting & very thought-provoking. Not only did I learn a lot about myself but also how my team interacts with each other. An essential course if you manage a team because it gives a real insight into why people behave as they do

Caroline Pritchard

The coaching sessions helped to focus my mind about my priorities regarding current work, as well as future career aspirations. Talking through these issues with Adrian has allowed me to explore and validate what I need to do to achieve these goals in a manageable way. As a result of the sessions I have achieved a number of goals and also have a realistic plan toward my ultimate objective

Simon L

I attended the True Colors workshop run by Lisa and Adrian and it was fab! Enlightening and enjoyable – increasing my understanding of myself and others. I was so impressed I recommended the workshop to a Social Housing client of mine – the feedback from them was that the team benefitted from both personal and team development. Excellent!

Nicola Dixon

The coaching sessions have allowed me to reflect on and develop in my leadership role. Lisa asked thought provoking questions in an environment that felt safe and secure. As a result I have begun to develop skills when presenting to large groups of people and now feel more confident in my role.

Sarah Fawcett

We have both recently attended the True Colors Workshop and found the TC personality tool really good. It is simple to understand, fun to use and it helps you appreciate and identify why different personalities have different behaviours. We will be blending our learning from this into the day jobs

Steve and Sarah Bruckshaw

I have been working with Adrian for the past few months and it has been great. It has given me focus, made me set goals and actually follow them through!! I have learned a lot about myself……….you don’t realise what you really want until you get questioned about it and write it down.

Adrian is friendly, open and I feel like I can talk to him about anything without being judged. It has been a pleasure to work with him so far and I look forward to what we can achieve in future sessions.

Andrea Springthorpe

Adrian Wales is an exceptionally talented coach, he is very approachable, easy to get along with and has a fantastic way of getting right to the heart of the problem, helping to move obstacles and barriers that are in the way getting me to achieve my goals much more quickly than I could have achieved them myself if ever!!. An excellent coach whom I  can highly recommend.

Claire Buck