True Personality & Psychometric Profiling

True Colors Personality & Psychometric Profiling is an interactive and fun communication tool that is quick and easy to complete and interpret. The tool provides people with a way to understand their personal values, what creates happiness in their lives and what causes them stress.

Grounded in the research of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and temperament typing work of David Keirsey – True Colors makes understanding oneself and others accessible, easy to understand and fun!

Using the metaphor of four “Colors” to simplify human temperament or personality characteristics, the tool provides a simple to understand and easy to recall method of understanding oneself and others.

True Colors can be used within team or group environments (delivered as interactive workshops) or as an individual coaching tool for people to develop a better sense of their personal needs, characteristics and values. This information is important when considering ideal working environments, career selection, interpersonal relationships and team effectiveness.


True Colors and Teams:

Once people have understood their own personality traits, behaviours and characteristics, they can start to develop knowledge of how this impacts other people. In a corporate or work based environment this is helpful when defining the effectiveness of teams and how they can use their diversity to approach problem solving and work together more effectively.

  • Through discussion and interactivity in a learning or work group the process helps teams:
  • Discover positive messages about individual differences.
  • Develop a simple language for talking about unique characteristics through the use of colour.
  • Learn by actively participating in the workshop activities.
  • Maintain high retention of each person’s unique set of needs and values.

Employee Benefits

  • Identify personal strengths
  • Remove obstacles for success
  • Enhance interpersonal and professional communication skills
  • Apply personal strengths to improve organisational performance
  • Better understand other people – both personally and professionally
  • Strengthen 4-C’s to Success…
  • Courage, Credibility, Compassion, Creativity

Leadership Benefits

In addition to the benefits listed under employees, True Colors assessment will enable managers and leaders to:

  • Create an effective work team which has a variety of styles
  • Be a more effective leader by developing a better understanding of self and others
  • Reduce personal stress by enabling use of the strengths of the team more effectivel


True Colors and Communications:

Providing organisations with insights into the four personality types can help people to develop communications that relate to the needs and wants of customers. Each character type will respond differently to messages within advertising or marketing communications and in sales situations. Targeting the messages to each of the character types to appeal to their individual needs and wants will significantly enhance the effectiveness of the communication.

True Colors in Coaching:

True Colors can also be used as an initial platform for team coaching by creating a common “language” for people to use when describing individual and team behaviours. True Colors breaks down barriers and provides team members with insight and mutual respect for the diversity of the team members.


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