Why this Coach needs a Coach…

I need a coach. Actually, that’s not strictly true on two counts. First, I don’t actually need a coach. Nobody does. We need air, food and drink, some clothes, somewhere to live, but we’ve rubbed along as a human race for thousands of years without coaches (not very well, mind). More accurately, I want a

Why Soft Skills aren’t for Softies

I have a friend (just one). For the purposes of this article, let’s call him Stewart (his name is actually Stuart). Stewart is a fantastic manager. Not only that, he’s a brilliant leader. How do I know? Well, because I worked with him for many years, first as his line manager, then as a peer.

In a Hurry to Grow Your Business? Then Slow Down!!

I can still remember the first time I went to London. I was 15. What took me so long? Well, I was from Batley, this was the 70’s, we didn’t get out much. I think I was 12 before I got to Leeds, which was about 8 miles away! But I can still clearly remember

Business – how to discover your original Purpose and Passion

“Man, who is born of woman, is short-lived and full of turmoil” – Job 14:1.  I took a leap of faith (!) in starting this article with a scripture from the Bible as, for some, it may raise a similar reaction to if I’d quoted from Mein Kampf. But, you can’t (entirely) waste a theological

Strategy – a must for doers as well as thinkers.

A little mouse was lost in a dense wood, unable to find his way out. He came upon a wise old owl sitting in a tree. “Excuse me, wise old owl, how can I get out of this wood?” said the mouse. “Easy,” said the owl, “Grow wings and fly out, as I do.” “But

How To Ensure You Keep Your 2017 Resolutions

It had to happen, it was inevitable. As predictable as the Boxing Day holiday ads. Plum (no pun!)in the middle of the pudding, the only time of year we’re allowed to be a little overindulgent in the food, drink and couch potato department and not feel guilty because everyone else is doing it…comes a headline-making